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Loading / Rapid de loading of DC motor

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    Hi I have a device comprising a dc motor connected to a body and connected to the motor are four rotor arms. As the rotor arms are rotated they pass a point on the body that applies load to the motor then rapidly de loads the motor. So that every quarter turn the motor is loaded and then de loaded. The device is suspended by a length of string so that there is no contact with the ground. What I am observing is that as the rotor arms accelerate and decelerate every quarter turn there is no counter rotation of the body. Am I to understand that in the de loading process that the flux density in the motor decreases rapidly so that the speed must increase at the expense of torque. This acceleration with out ( or with very little ) torque may explain the lack of torque reaction observed. Hopefully someone can help explain the process better?.
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    See duplicate thread elsewhere on the forum.
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