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Loading win 98

  1. Aug 12, 2003 #1
    Can someone tell me how to install win 98 please.

    I have :-

    Partisioned the drive,
    Formated the drive,

    Done everthing it says in the book, up to runing setup from the win 98 cd, then pc resets itself.

    Can someone help me it s driving me nutts
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  3. Aug 13, 2003 #2
    We need more details

    Well, if that's everything you are willing to share with us, I'm afraid we can't help you.

    What's your PC's configuration, CPU, memory, mainboard, etc?
  4. Aug 13, 2003 #3
    and how did you partition your HDD? how many partitions? Fat16 Fat32?
  5. Aug 13, 2003 #4
    Well i dont know much about these things but here goes.

    Mother board: Gigabyte GA 7VRXP ATA133 Socket A
    CPU: AMD Athlon 1900+
    Video: Nvidia 128 MB DDR Geforce 4 Ti 4200
    Memory: 256 MB PC 2100 DDR 266 DIMM
    Drives: WD IDE 60 GB 5400rpm (which is set as single)
    Lite on IDE Rewriter (set to master)
    Floppy disk drive
    Cards: Sound blaster live 5.1
    jetway 56k rockwell pci
    with 300W power supply.

    Does this help?
    I hope so :wink:
  6. Aug 13, 2003 #5
    By the way the startup disk i am using was made on my other pc, does this matter?

    I get up to typing in E:\setup (E is the cd drive the win 98 cd is in). Then it resets itself .

    I think this is the right drive letter because if i do E:\ (at the A:\ prompt) then type dir I can see the setup exe file in the list.

    Any ideas what I can try next?

    Thanks for any help
  7. Aug 14, 2003 #6
    all that I can imagine is either the CD is bad, either change the source. AMDs use more power than the Intel
  8. Aug 14, 2003 #7
    How to install

    1. Using a startup disk from another computer will not affect anything.

    2. Boot your computer from the startup disk. Make sure to select the start with CD Rom drivers option.

    3. After the computer boots enter "fdisk" (without quotes) at the A:\

    4. In Fdisk make sure to delete all partitions! Create a new 2GB partition for your system files. You can always make data partitions later with a windows program (partion magic, etc.)

    5. Exit fdisk and return to the A:\ prompt. Type "fdisk /mbr" this wipes the slate clean on your master boot record.

    6. Restart.

    7. At the A:\ "format C:" after it has formated enter label and restart.

    8. After computer boots with the CD option type E:\setup. This should start the process. First it will do a scan on your disk to make sure it has the correct file structure and then it will start to install.

    If all this doesn't work you may have a bad cd. They say that you can't use a OEM disk to install, but I have done it literally 50 times or so.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any more trouble, I would be more than happy to help you out.

    One more thing, if you have mismatched ram, a bad stick, or one is not seated properly it can cause problems in the install phase so double check.

    Good Luck!
  9. Aug 14, 2003 #8
    You might try running the setup.exe located inside the win98 folder.

    I don't like to be nagged to enter the win98 CD when I make changes to my system so following the format I create a folder on the C: drive called win98, copy all the files from the win98 folder on the installation CD into it, perform a sys c: operation to make the hard drive bootable, then reboot the computer and run the setup.exe located inside the win98 folder on the hard drive. This is slick little trick you might want to give a try.

    Good luck
  10. Aug 17, 2003 #9
    Thanks all. Changed the power supply and it now works! I think the 12V line was iffy :frown:
  11. Aug 17, 2003 #10
    Alright !

    How did you finally decide to partition the drive, and did you install from the CD or copy the win98 files to a folder on the hard drive first?
  12. Aug 17, 2003 #11

    It is almost always something simple!
  13. Aug 17, 2003 #12


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    My 2500+ just killed a power supply. It had been running fine for months before suddenly shutting off. Scared the crap out of me too, until I figured it out.
  14. Aug 18, 2003 #13
    slim: you should try Linux sometimes.....:smile: :wink:
  15. Aug 19, 2003 #14


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    hah, thats almost mean Guy.

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