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Loan 500 to jr evo

  1. Jan 3, 2005 #1
    Evo forgot the payments for a trip

    think I should loan some money to Jr evo...a round 500 dollarx?
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    If u have this money,why not?She seems to be a nice & reliable person,i'm sure she's gonna pay you back...double,if u set a "reasonable" interest rate... :tongue2:

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    its the whole lending money to someone online thing
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    Go on, you might aswell i mean its only 500 dollars.
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    Odd, I had responded to this earlier, but it didn't show up.

    So, the child of Evo has taken her plea for cash to you? Yes, she forgot about this and now she is running out of time.

    She's been going around selling her clothes, cds and books in order to get enough money to pay for it, but she's not going to have enough time.
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    she made it

    I was going to mail the money today.. the remaining 500 dollars she needed but she actually found someone in town that would loan her the money so she should be set. lol... you should ask her about it sometime funny story.
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    I could still use a couple of bucks...
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