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Local bank advertise their credit cards

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    First, I have to tell you that I don't have money and usually am not in need for shopping online or offline.
    But lately some local Citi bank's employees have been calling me repeatedly to advertise their platinum VISA credit cards. They say they will deposit into my account $2000 in advance and I can use and pay them back later. Is this a scam ? I think they are lying to me, I'm so worried because they keep calling me almost once in every 4 days.
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    Definitely a scam - they just want your account information so that they can take what is there. If you have caller ID and don't recognize the number, you shouldn't even pick it up.
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    I second that. Maybe also send a message to Citi Bank to inform them that someone is contacting people on the bank's behalf with nonsense stories. Stay away and keep training that jaw.
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    BTW, whenever I get calls from unknown numbers, I pick up the phone and immeadiately hang up so that they don't even get my answering maching - especially if the ID just lists a city and state instead of a name. I then check the number against this site - http://800notes.com/. If it's a number from a scammer, you will see lots of comments from others about the type of caller.
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    Even if not a scam, how is that any good. Not free cash any which way, but a normal cash advance done on a credit card account. Now if you didn't HAVE to pay them back.....

    Bought a car on a credit card, but paid it off right away to burdening interest accumulation.
    One friend years ago partied at the bars using credit card - eventually had to declare bankruptcy.

    So if and when you do get one, not that one through the phone, use it wisely.
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    I'm a bit puzzled at why you are asking us. Why not ask your bank?

    Whenever I get calls from my financial institution, I call them back. Caller ID can be spoofed. Initiating the call cannot be.
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