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Local Campaign Webpage

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    My webdesign teacher assigned me a special project a while back, and needed it to get done as soon as possible. It was to be a campaign webpage for one of the school's teachers, Jim Riis, who was running for a district seat in the House of Representatives here in Florida.

    After rushing through it as quick as possible (total time was around 2 weeks from initial design to final upload), the site looks pretty basic but it is simple and functionable.

    Im curious to see what everyone thinks of the layout. I tried to optimize it for modem users and the total size of the website is around 330 kb.

    http://www.jimriis.com [Broken]
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    Very nice Motai. The layout is clean and not flashy, great for a political campaign.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Hey, Motai. You did a very nice job on this - looks great! The only comment I would make is that it might be preferable to have the left side navigation elements in the same size font. The forms are impressive. Is the data that is entered on the Contact page being sent in an email?
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    Very nice! That's the type of site I like to see. Clean and simple. You can navigate quickly to each of the pages, and they all load quickly (I'm currently connected via modem). I agree with MIH, the navigation bar on the left is a little distracting with the fonts in different sizes (it looks like longer words are in smaller font to fit and smaller words are in a larger font to fill the space), just use the smaller font for all of them. The other thing that I'm puzzled about is that the district map has district 57 out in the Gulf of Mexico...unless I'm missing something. I didn't see any typos either...excellent!
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    Really. I never really noticed my subconsious justify-block-everything formatting. It is the same font, I guess I just crammed it into the same 100 px box. It must have become a habit when I started shrinking my writing font :smile:

    Oh, and District 57 is not quite the gulf of Mexico :tongue2:, but it is near the gulf. http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/district.aspx?id=4274&sessionID=36 [Broken]

    Edit: Math Is Hard: Those complicated-looking forms are nothing more than a standard form with the tag <form method="post" action="mailto:jimriis@jimriis.com" enctype="text/plain"> which sends it right to his email. Gotta love HTML's simplicity.
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