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News Local democrat discriminates during civil rights tour -

  1. Aug 9, 2004 #1
    Catching the winds of inspiration from the White Racist Republican Wins Seat thread -------- I had heard about Councilman Joe Brown, from Memphis, Tennessee, but not until this thread was it worth posting ---- So, as Exhibit 1 - if you would take a look at some real down home racism – I give you this Democrat from the same location as James L. Hart– West Tennessee -

    http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/08/04/iraqis.unwelcome.ap/index.html [Broken]

    http://www.cityofmemphis.org/navigateCC.asp?sec=citycouncil&opt=bio_jbrown [Broken]

    Mr. Brown’s resume –

    Bolding mine -
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    Ha, ha, ha! Napoleon would call this a whiff of grapeshot. A well-deserved whiff of grapeshot.

    You are right, Tiger, as a stand-alone event this was not worth posting. (If it was, we could fill this entire forum with Maxine Water's gibberish.) But as an example of hypocrisy... priceless.

    Of course, if he happened to be a Republican...
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    And of course, if something did happen, had he let the protesters in...

    I'm not condoning his remarks or behavior, but clearly there's a vast difference between someone being afraid/security conscious when a group of Iraqi Civil Rights Protesters come knocking on your door and someone who wants to eliminate minorities through what - sterilization ?

    Gimme a break, folks !
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    ::Sigh:: ---- "Iraqi Civil Rights Protesters"?? Spray some Moore-be-Gone on that boy!! Now to the point. Pretty reckless post Gokul43201---- really – it borders on an endorsement of racism. Why did you call that US government sponsored delegation made up of Iraqis - "protesters??" Cause their Iraqis? Just a simple bout of knee jerk? No? If neither -- than why?

    Look --- It says right there in the linked article that they were invited "Iraqi civic and community leaders" on a "civil rights tour" ... "sponsored by the State Department." I even added that part as a quote in the very first paragraph of the very first post.

    So why do you feel the need to misrepresent in this situation? Got Moore?
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    Heh. Moore-B-Gone. Tiger postin' good.
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