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Local Resident Presents bigfoot As Biological Fact

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Local Resident Presents "bigfoot" As Biological Fact

    ""The more evidence that comes forth, the harder it is to refute," Brown continued. "People just can't seem to come to grips with the fact that there is a possibility that one of the most important biological finds possibly exists right here in the backyard of the most technologically advanced country in the world unknown."

    http://www.orovillemr.com/Stories/0,1413,157%7E26686%7E1539407,00.html [Broken]
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    This story confused me alot in
    relation to other things I've
    heard about the hair samples.

    The hair of the Yeti and it's
    regional permutaions, was found
    to be closest to bear fur, though
    not identical. This suggested to
    me that the resemblance to hom-
    onid was spurious, coincidental,
    in the same way one first assumes
    whales are a form of fish.

    This is the first I've read
    that resemblence to the orangutan
    has been discovered.

    Native Americans do not consider
    it to be an animal at all. Their
    intuition is that it is a very
    different, strange kind of human,
    so different from all the other
    kinds of humans that no meaning-
    ful interaction or mutual under-
    standing is possible.

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