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Local Standard of Rest

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    Okay, so I have an astronomy/astrophysics exam tomorrow and I understand everything except for the local standard of rest. Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks!
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    Google is your friend
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    Don't come here with that crap. I'VE ALREADY USED GOOGLE. I also looked in my textbook and asked my professor about it and I'm still not understanding it, so I came here to ask people who know what they're talking about to see if they can help me.
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    You obviously didn't because if you had you would have found the wikipedia article which gives a clear and unambiguous explanation.
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    Wikipedia was one of the first places I looked, and I didn't understand it.
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    What exactly didn't you understand? We can't help you if we don't know what you're confused on.
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    I understand it now, I was just browsing my posts and decided to reply. Thank you so much for the offer though! :)
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