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Local Star like ours

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    I'm a writer working on my first novel. The genre is science fiction and I'm trying to keep the science part of it as close to the realm of possibility as I can.

    The setting is in a smaller system about 10 to 50 light years of our system.
    Can someone name a star and its location that is of the same type (G2, main sequence, dwarf) found within that 10 to 50 LY radius? I don't think Sirius or Alpha Centauri will work. I'm more than willing to research several stars located within this range; Even binaries if one star of the binary fits the criteria.
    Until we get good enough to find other habitable planets I feel good about "fictionizing" planets orbiting a real star that can be found on a chart.

    Thanks for your research,

    MD Watson
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    If you Google for "nearest stars" you'll get some good lists that also have the spectral type. A couple are:

    Epsilon Eridani (K2V - which actually has planets, but also a decent protoplanetary disk)
    Tau Ceti (G8V)
    Epsilon Indi (K5V)
    82 Eridani (G8V)
    Eta Cassiopeiae A (G2V - the companion is a K7V out on a 480 year orbit)

    You might also look up "HabCat" on Google too. It was made by SETI people out of the Hipparcos catalog, and is a catalog of nearby stars that could potentially have habitable planets.
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