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Localhost not opening ?

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    Hiii there ,
    In my school , there were good science tutorials running in Mozilla Firefox having web address : http://localhost/hmsc/public/index/ [Broken]

    But when I opened it in my computer it shows the following error :
    http://postimage.org/image/n4ojk5a5l/ [Broken]

    Later when I learned that the ip address of localhost was and port number 8080 , I again tried opening it by typing in my web address box its ip address - or http://localhost:8080 , but still it gave the same error.

    Please help ! How to open localhost ?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I like Serena

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    Hi sankalpmittal! :smile:

    "localhost" or "" identifies the computer where you're currently on.
    So the web pages you are looking for are locally on the computer you have at school.

    If you want them, you should search on the computer for a subdirectory named hmsc/public/index/ and copy its contents.
    It will probably contain a file named index.html.

    If you copy this directory to your computer at home, you should be able to open the file index.html with firefox.
    Note that it's very possible that you need more files and directories that are referred to.
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    Hiii "I Like Serena" !! :smile:
    So that means , I can't enter the site ? Then is it just a file on the school's computer or is it a webpage there offline ? Which computer are you referring to having file index.html ? - school's computer right ?

    What more files and directories do I need ? Whatever was the web address of those online tutorials in the school , I copied and now it didn't work on my computer. :frown:
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    I like Serena

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    Yes, it's likely just a file on the school's computer.
    To access it from another computer you would need another address for the web page that does not use "localhost".

    You say it didn't work on your computer.
    But what went wrong?
    Did you find the file index.html? Or one like it?

    If you open the file index.html in a text editor, you can see which other files and directories it refers to.
    And those files may refer to yet other files.
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