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Locating end of text file

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    i am trying to locate the end of a text file and delete any extra white spaces following it, but i am having trouble trying to do this. is there an easy way to do this? right now i am reading the text in character by character and outputting the text to another outstream file. i can't seem to locate the end of the file and delete trailing blanks. also, i am having trouble locating the beginning of a new line in my outstream file. i also need to delete leading white spaces. any help would be appreciated.
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    Well, it may help if you post some code.
    First of all you are not telling us which programming language you are using, and second of all, I can think of dozens of ways to read and write files (about three of them in C++ alone, off the top of my head).
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    i am using instream & outstream and c strings.

    for the end of the file part i would do some thing like
    Code (Text):
    if (inf.eof())
    { outf << "\n";
    if (isspace(c))
    doesn't work the way i wish it did.. i am having trouble actually finding the beginning and end of new lines
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    Why are you attempting to read characters after you've reached the end of the file? eof() returns true (actually a nonzero value) when there are no more data left in the input stream.
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    Apart from the fact that a statement like
    !inf.get(c) ​
    does not really make sense on its own.

    Please don't take offense, but I am curious: did you ever program (C(++)) before?
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