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Location of Accord Fuse Box

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    Anyone know the location of the 1995 Honda Accord interior fuse box?
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    On my accord, it is on the drivers side. It is the panel to your left on the bottom, just forward of the trunk/gas tank release. Your's should be there too. Or near there.
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    You probably have more than one: one in the cabin, under the driver's side dash, and another, on the side of the engine bay under the hood, usually near the battery.

    - Warren
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    I think Cyrus may be right. I think on Civics and Accords, the fuse box tended to be left of the steering column, under the dash. I had '92 Civic and I occassionally wacked the fuse box with my left knee. Push the driver's seat back, lie on your back and look under the dashboard.
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    fuse boxes are almost always there, but yesterday I had to search for one and I couldn't find it so I decided to check in the owner's manual and opened the glove box to get it and found the fuse box there.
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    Nope, I found it Greg. It is on the drivers side of the car. It is tricky. You have to OPEN the door. It is where the dash board gets hidden by the door when it is closed. Its not under the dash.
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    Found it! Thanks!
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    Did you find it on your own Accord?
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    this is the accord thread, the pun thread is over in bolton
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Please post Accordingly
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    There is only one automobile mentioned in the Bible, in the verse:
    "Ye shall all be of one Accord.":smile:
  13. Feb 11, 2006 #12
    I think you are just too lazy to check. I'm sure there are more cars in the bible. How about the Caravan, Viper or Cobra. Surely one of those is mentioned. How about the Ford Crucifiction. or the Dodge God Dammit
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    :rofl: I don't think I will find my own car in the Bible. Is is a "Piece of Crap". The production numbers on the Piece of Crap seems to be very high.
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    I did want to mention one more thing "seriously". There is a web site for auto mechanics information.

    It is a subscription service only, but most public libraries have access to it.
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    All you really needed was the owners manual. I guess he lost it. Trib you are funny. I don't remember seeing the Doge God Dammit at the auto show this year.
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