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Location of the Soul?

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    If you cut off your hand, you would just be a person without a hand. Your soul would not be in your hand but somewhere in the rest of your body/head.

    Now let's posit that your head got chopped off, maybe because you committed a bad crime and received an old-fashioned execution. Would you be the body without a head, unable to think or function? Or would you be the head that realizes that there is no body attached to it? Of course this realization would only be for a limited amount of time before blood does not reach the brain any longer and you couldn't think, but still.
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    Generally, it is believed that the soul is interned where the laws of physics are kept.
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    I heard some stories where a person head was chopped in a battle but he managed to go to his place with head in his hands..

    And when I was little I lived with my grandparents. We had some chickens and we would cook them sometimes, I once managed to see how they kill chickens. I cannot recall much but IIRC body still has life for few seconds before it stops struggling.
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    The soul resides in the heart. I know, because I can taste it when I eat them. That's how I gain their strength
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    How do you know a soul exists?
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    The soul is located between the legs. I know that because I associate the soul with happiness.
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    The soul is definitely positioned in the gut. I mean, that's where we really FEEL our emotions, no?
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    I keep my soul in a drawer. I rarely use it, only if I absolutely have to.
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    The soul is bound to the brain but is neither created by it or required by it.

    The brain is like an iPhone. It functions without a wireless connection but loses it's reason for being.
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    I don't know.
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    Plus you have to be veeeery careful about how you pick it up. If you hold a brain wrong, it won't work at all.
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    Soul is a strange loop.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The soul can be found on the bottom of the shou.
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    Ain't no such thing as a soul. It was just ancient people's attempt to explain their own consciences.
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    The soul was never intended to be a physical entity that resides in any particular part of the body. It has always been something vague, mystical and immaterial that equates with the spiritual aspect in humans.... never-mind that science has identified things like spirituality to be a part of the functioning right brain).


    Mankind has needed something mysterious, like a soul, in order to create a mechanism for transitioning to an afterlife after death, because it's too obvious what happens to the physical body.
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    No matter how many letters she has after her name, that woman is nuts. Going by the standards mentioned in that link, every left-handed person on the planet should be happier than a pig in ****.
    I like your closing comment, Runner. For some reason, people just can't seem to understand that death is the end.
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    My initial reaction is that she might have had some mental problems (depressions, etc) that were "cured" by the stroke - I know I've heard of a man who actually SHOT HIMSELF and ended up curing his depression.
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    It's not that they can't, it's a willful refusal to understand. Which I completely empathize which... I would be ecstatic to find myself in Hell after I die. Anything is better than nothing.
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    Honestly, I always thought an eternal existence of bliss or suffering sounded really boring. In that case, I'd prefer the reincarnation-style existence, where "you" continue to exist in various forms in the universe.
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