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Lockheed Martin Interviews

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    Hi all, I was contacted a week ago or so by a LHM representative for an interview in Syracuse, NY. They didn't call me for a phone interview (phone screen), which was kind of odd... and invited me to the "interview" that they're having. They did the same thing with my friend (who is a Finance major).

    Has anyone been through a Lockheed Martin interview? Sample questions? Also, is it common for them to do this (interview without phone screen) up in Syracuse, NY?

    For the sample questions part, I'm a junior computer engineering major.
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    I don't know about LHM but IBM did the same thing to me, I had a initial interview with a guy at a career fair, then he told me to meet him later for a 1 on 1 interview then I got an e-mail saying to fly down to NC, RTP and have an interview.

    I think its worth the flight even if you have to pay for the ticket, it shows your interested at least to fly for the interview, I know some people who said they can't fly down and never got a job.

    What position are they interviewing you for? Hardware? Programming?

    Do you have any big projects you've worked on as a comp eng? Get a list of things you've worked on whether its been in school or out of school. I wouldn't be too worried about technical questions, from what I've heard big company's hardly ask any technical questions anymore unless its for a FULL time job.
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    I've never heard of paying for your own ticket to fly out for an interview. I've heard of driving a few hrs on your own money.

    I would go just for the whole interview process. Interview questions vary from person to person. Just be sure to have your basics covered. You don't want to be rejected because you couldn't write a simple for loop.
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    I have several times friends I know who have been interviewed by big company's, google does it, Microsoft does, IBM does it. They sent them an e-mail and said, can you be at this location, at this time, if you can let me know and I'll talk to you then for a face to face interview. They don't offer, well if you want, we'll pay for the ticket because they got 1000 other interns/co-ops willing to do it for free.

    So LHM being a big company, might also do it.

    Now if you get hired they will pay for traveling and moving costs of course.

    I had to pay for my plane ticket to get the interview with IBM. Then I got hired and they gave me $2,500 for moving expenses which was more than enough to cover that plane ticket and then some.

    I'm not saying every MANAGER out there wouldn't be so kind but some just don't want to deal with all the paper work and dealing with Human Resources to get the company to pay for a ticket. Some manager's will go the extra mile and get them to dish out money to pay for it I'm sure. It all depends on the manager.
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    LHM called me, but since I live approximately over 1 hour from the location, I will be driving there. No point in flying.
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    I had multiple interviews with Lockheed Martin and most of the questions they asked were behavioral questions. Here are what Lockheed Martin looking for in a candidate.

    Ethic - They want to make sure that you are ethical. Ethic is a huge part of Lockheed Martin since the stuffs that they build are critical to the success of our country.

    Team work - It's very important that you work well with others. Lockheed Martin build on team work and respect.

    Capable and responsible - They want to get a hint that you are capable and willing to go the extra mile to get your work done.

    For more details read my Lockheed Martin interview

    and also read my experience working with Lockheed Martin if you are interested.
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