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ohh, wait. I wass up 2'o clock in hte night doing this and i somehow tough 1=y. really, staying up that late melts my brain... but what can i do? I live in eroupe and that's the only time the american conticent are awake (aviable at the computer, that is)...
Well, the posts that we make aren't going anywhere. You can post your work during (your) daytime when you're fresh, and then I'll see it during (my) daytime.

ok so we get the equation:


then; b is the y intercept.

so the y inercept would be z-2 (the 2 is the slope) or (5/9)-2?
that would mean that b=-13/9
No. I don't know why you say "the y inercept would be z-2". There's no z here! But you've almost got the number right, you just forgot to include the log. You should have gotten:


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