Log problem

  1. Who may help me with this question? Thanks. Log10(x)^log10(log10X)=10000
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  3. What question? Do you need to solve for x? x and X are representing the same thing? If so, why aren't they the same symbol?
  4. We need to solve for x. all the x are the same thing.
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    I have closed this thread, as it was posted in the wrong forum section. Please start a new thread in the Homework & Coursework section, under Precalculus. Be sure to include what you've tried.

    Also, your notation is confusing in places. log10 means log, base 10 (or log10). What you have written as log10X probably means log10(x), but it's possible you meant log(10x), with log understood to mean log base 10.
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