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Homework Help: Log with base 3 or other bases

  1. Jul 22, 2009 #1
    hey guys, i have a question, then i will show my solution, is there any chance you guys could help me find an easier way to get to the answer, cheers

    log_3 3x

    log_a (yx) = log_a (y) + log_a (x)
    log_3 (3) + log_3 (x)
    log_a (y) = x -> y = a^x -> log_a (a) = 1 -> y = a^x -> x = 1

    1 + log_3 X

    is there an easier way of getting to this answer
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    Re: logs

    That is the way to get the answer. You don't need to put the second to last line though in most cases unless you need to write down the rules when you apply them.
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