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Logarithm problem

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    log2 2x -log3 (3x-1) = 2, solve for x....

    you guys dont hv 2 solve the question for me, just guide me to the answer:smile:
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    First step:
    Convert one logarithm into its equivalent logarithm expression for the other base.
    To do so, the general picture is that for positive number a,b,c, we have:
    Taking the a-logarithm of the middle and last expression, we have:
    That is:
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    ok ive done the 1st step by changing log2 2x to (log3 2x)/(log3 2)

    (log3 2x)/(log3 2) - log3 (3x-1) = 2

    1.585(log3 2x) -log3 (3x-1) = 2

    log3 (2x)^1.585 - log3 (3x-1) = 2

    log3 ( (2x^1.585)/(3x-1) ) = 2 , is this correct? then what?
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    ok i went ahead & solve the equation to get x=0.522....but when i substitute x=0.522 into the initial equation i did not get 2...what hv i done wrong?
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