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Logarithmic Equation - Pretty Confused

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    Well, you've been given a hint. What are the "change of base" formulae?
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    lol I don't know, I tried looking in my textbook and I couldn't find anything!!
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    i dont understand how i got the first one wrong, isnt it supposed to be r/2t
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    Change [tex]log_{16}17[/tex] to base 4.
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    okay the first one that i asked u guys, the answer is s/2

    apparently i thought i got the last one right, but it was wrong, i put s(6^t/2)

    but it was s+.5, anybody kno why?!?
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    Have you looked at the change of base formula provided in the link above? For the first question, follow the hint by Feldoh, and use the change of base formula; so, [tex]\log_{16} 17=\frac{\log_4 17}{\log_4 16}[/tex]. Can you continue?

    Incidentally, you should post in the homework forums in future.
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