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Homework Help: Logarithmic Equations

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    I'm having a lot of trouble on this worksheet I have, I've got most of the 32 questions except for about 5. I won't type out all the laws of logarithms as I assume that anyone coming in here to help me already knows them. So here are my questions (By the way, I've done work for them I just won't show it because it seems like I'm stuck where I'm at regardless):

    17.) Solve for x:

    24.) Solve for x, accurate to 2 decimal places

    26.) Simplify completely.

    32.) Simplify/solve for x.

    33.) Simplify/solve for x.

    Thank you for the help, I'm sorry about asking so many questions I just am really struggling on this one.
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    Ok I did 26 and got this:



    [tex]\frac{logab}{loga} - \frac{logb}{loga}[/tex]

    [tex]log_{a}ab - log_{a}b[/tex]



    = 1

    So I think I got 26, is that right?
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    I haven't checked your calculations, but that is the right approach. You can use the same idea to solve 24 (convert the logs to the same base)

    With a judicious use of a another logarithm rule you can convert 32 to a quadratic equation in [tex] \ln x [/tex]

    Multiplication by a correctly chosen exponential function (and clearing the fraction by multiplying everything by 2) will convert the final one to a quadratic equation in [tex] e^x [/tex]
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    Ok thank you, I have figured them all out now so it's good.
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