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Logarithms table help

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    Hello there, Im wondering if you could offer some help on this questoin, I have been attempting to work through it, however cannot see exactly what route I should be taking to try and solve it;
    Without using a calculator or table, show that;
    2 < log(3) 25 < 3 (log to the base 3 of 25)
    and hence find the ceiling of log(3) 75
    Also calculate log(5) 75 in terms of log(3)5
    Thankyou for any help you can provide.
    Craig :)


    Sorry i forgot to mention, what i have done so far is;

    Shown that 3^3 = 27 and 3^2 = 9, this is simply setting log(3)x = 3 and 2 and i get a values in which 25 lies in

    9 < 25 < 27
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    My logarithm knowledge is kind of sketchy but I think this is right:

    [tex]x = log_3 25[/tex]

    [tex]3^x = 25[/tex]

    If x were 3 then RHS would be 27, if it were 2 then RHS would be 9, since 25 is between these values then so is x.


    I think there is a rule that goes something like this (someone please confirm):

    [tex]log_x y = \frac{log_a y}{log_a x}[/tex] (where a can be anything you like).


    [tex]log_5 75 = \frac{log_3 75}{log_3 5}[/tex]
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