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Logging in is broken

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    At the moment logging in appears broken. I am looking into it. Thanks for your patience!
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    Should be working again
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    The North Koreans?
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    Well we have had that "Interview" thread up for awhile... :D
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    @Greg Bernhardt You might want to look at the avatar permissions. I'm getting blank avatars for a lot of users. Yours is OK but when I click on Evo's or lisab's I get a broken image link. I tried copying the image url and it returns a 403 Forbidden error.

    Edit: More info. When I right click on a visible avatar and select copy image location, I get something like this (Bystander's):
    However, the url in the popup window uses a different url which is blocked:

    Looks like the stuff in the l directory doesn't have permissions set correctly.

    Now I'm getting some m directory images that won't display either:
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    Thanks, I'll take a look
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    Should be fixed now.
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    Also testing image upload
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