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Logging out isn't ok

  1. Aug 19, 2008 #1
    I just logged out, and when I watched the thread into which I had been posting, I saw the orange "online" text after my username. I was logged out though, in a sense that there wasn't "My PF" ... "Log out" links in the top bar.

    This is some bug, that manifests itself at some unpredictable occasions?
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    I bet you were seeing a cached page.
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    I'm not sure what "cached" means (I'm not internet guru), but I did press reload/refresh button of my firefox, and the online text wasn't disappearing. I could swear that I saw the online text, and the My PF and Log Out links missing, at the same time, but I didn't take a screenshot of that. I was planning logging in and posting that I would take a screenshot next time I see this, and I saw this:

    http://hoasnet-fe11dd00-244.dhcp.inet.fi:1132/Screenshot-2.png [Broken]

    I'm logged in, and it says offline after my username. I'm not sure if that is serious though... perhaps the online text just appeared with some delay?
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    Clearing your cache should solve the problem (tools>clear private data in firefox)
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    I encountered this again, and clicking Tools -> Clear Private Data and reload/refresh didn't change it. I was seeing this:

    http://hoasnet-fe11dd00-244.dhcp.inet.fi:1132/Screenshot-3.png [Broken]

    I'm not logged in, but my username is online. I've never been able to reproduce the effect though, so I don't know when precisely this happens.
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    I have another problem! I log out but when I come back, I see I'm still loged in! :rolleyes:
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