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Homework Help: Logic coursework question

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    sorry but i'm confused

    is it okay if i say [tex]2 \leq 2[/tex] or [tex]1 \leq 2[/tex]

    and this example

    i know this is true

    "if p is prime then p>1"

    but is this true?

    "if p is prime then p>-20"

    its true right? because the generality doesn't change
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    Re: logic

    Yes to both. For the first, [itex]2 \leq 2[/itex] means that either 1) 2 < 2 (false) OR 2) 2 = 2 (true). For a compound statement with OR, the whole statement is true if either or both of the parts are true.
    Yes. Primes are considered to be positive integers that are greater than or equal to 2.
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    Re: logic

    aahhh~, thanks for clearing my mind
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