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Logic Fades

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    When ever I go trying to solve a problem, especially the ones that have my mind greatly diverge into many concepts, I seem to notice myself losing contact with logic. Its like a bad dream really. I find myself attempting to solve how I am solving a problem and so on. Or at least questioning what ever the heck I am actually doing. I begin to feel as if simple concepts, to what seems to be the foundation of my thinking, break down and nothing sensible is left. Does anyone else experience this? Often at times like this I usually get angry and give up at the problem with a, "I'm just stupid I guess." But I wonder if everyone notices that logic seems to be a "thin layer" like this? And maybe the difference between them and me is simply that for some reason I am inclined to solve it rather than ignore it.

    But this leads me to wondering if basic concepts should not be questioned; because if logic does break down there can't be any point in doing so if I am to continue living in the "logical world".

    I also wonder if what I experience could be considered OCD. For example repetitive thoughts don't help. But I am unsure as to how much repetitive thinking is usual in solving a problem that is hard - because it is just that, not knowing where to go next.
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    Try slowing down first. I had the opposite problem where I would get so absorbed in logic and reasoning that I would forget what the purpose of my thinking was to begin with haha.
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    This is actually a very important problem solving skill. Simply being aware of such a notion is good progress!
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    Are you talking about math and physics problems?
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    Hmm. Well I know I can get over loaded quite easily. If I were a computer program I would describe myself as an infinite loop in that it only ends when memory and CPU get too high.

    As per most recent experiences, yes, though I see it being general. Is there reason as to why you are specific?
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    If you're talking about math/physics, I don't know what to tell you. If you're talking about all other sorts of problems I think I've had the same experience.
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