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Logic Gates Help

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    Hi! I'm new to this forum, just joined a couple of hours ago. I am an O-Level student and I am currently on revision leave. I would like some explanations on the basic working principle of logic gates and their uses in special circuits. The clearer the explanation the better and some links to good sites would be of no refusal. Thank you in advance!
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    The problem with such a question is that it's not evident to most posters here since they've probably done their 'O' Levels a long time ago (just as I did) and may not know exactly what you need to understand for the 'O' Levels. They may end up giving you a far more detailed and advanced explanation you will ever need and would end up confusing you.

    What I did for my 'O' and 'A' levels revision was to reread the textbook and supplementary revision texts for a better explanation and understanding. It also helps to practice a lot. You'll be tested (if I can remember my O level stuff) on things like how to simplify logic expressions (by making use of the logic tables) and construct logical expressions just from a given logic table. There's probably more stuff you'll be examined on which I don't remember. Just look for a suitable O levels text.

    Good luck!
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    maybe this should be moved to the EE forum.

    in the meantime maybe start with Wikipedia:


    (also, the obligatory "welcome to PF, Chaulesh.")
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