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Logic prep

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    Would taking an intro to logic course help me prepare for the abstract proof writing skills that I'll need in upper division math?
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    Probably not.

    Some departments carry a proof-writing course under one title or another. Ask yours if they have one.
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    Thats the problem. They don't offer one. They say that the prep comes while taking upper div linear algebra. But wouldn't that be too risky?
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    why? from what i've seen linear algebra proofs are very straight forward.

    the only think you should be familiar with to write proofs is material implication, converse, contrapositive, and the two existential quantifiers.

    after that you should be familiar with what it means to prove logical equivalence and set equivalence and material implication and set inclusion.

    if you want i can help you.
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    solows book is over kill and filled with umm filler. i think tomorrow i'll sit down and write a short but sweet tutorial on how to do proofs for PF
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    Good, do it. :biggrin:

    Really, it's not that hard - provided you're regularly hitting up your TA or prof to make sure you're not missing anything they expect.
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    meh i'll admit most of the time i'm too lazy to check my own proofs but most of the time i know when theres a gap somewhere in my reasoning.
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