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Logic Programming

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    Hey guys;

    Are there any logic programs to solve logic questions? I mean, the stuff like where you prove an argument valid or invalid with sentence letters.

    Like with this (i'm totally making this up, I dont' know if its valid or invalid, just giving an example).

    (A v F) > (B*C)
    F == C
    F v I

    Or whatever, you know what I mean? My logic teacher talked about how a computer could solve them, but was talking about using the 2^X rule to solve it (say 2^6 in this case cause there is 6 different sentence letters.) I have only a shy background in computer science, and I'm curious if you could only solve these types of problems using a huge loop, or if you could solve them by interpretation, and which way would be easier?

    Thank you,
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    I don't see how it would be too hard to create a program with the appropriate axioms, definitions, and rules of inference to solve logical problems. Solving these logical questions is mostly just a matter of following the rules of inference, I would imagine, and computer's are made to follow logical rules.
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