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Logic resources

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    Hello Everybody

    I just started taking a intro to logic for computer science and was wondering if anyone knows any good online resources. My text book is not the best and lacks problems and the problems there are no solutions or answers.


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    Check out the https://www.physicsforums.com/local_links.php?action=links&catid=45 [Broken] here at PF. I'll look over my bookmarks later today and add any more that I think would be helpful.
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    Thanks I will check out the links :smile:
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    Sorry I'm late.

    Philosophy Pages' logic section. There's some good introductory stuff here.

    Text "A Primer for Logic and Proof". Looks fine, but I haven't read it. Includes problems but no answers.

    Mathematical logic text. I haven't read this one either.

    I didn't like this one much, but maybe someone else will.

    There must be something good here.

    Text "A Problem Course in Mathemtical Logic". Includes chapter on computability, so this might be of extra interest to you (I can't recall which, if any, of the others do).

    Good luck. :smile: Come back if you have any questions.

    I highly recommend buying or checking your library for Logic by Wilfrid Hodges and reading it first. It's very funny, short, he gives detailed answers to every problem -- just a wonderful book. I love this guy. Check out his website too (in the links section). :biggrin:
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