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Homework Help: Logic Systems Boolean Reduction Question !

  1. Dec 12, 2004 #1
    Logic Systems Boolean Reduction Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok i recieved an assignment due on monday and have to idea how to get started...i am supposed to design a traffic light using the following criteria:

    a) The east west (E-W) traffic light will be green whenever both lanes C and D are occupied.
    b) The E-W light will be green whenever either C or D is occupied but lanes A and B are not
    both occupied.
    c) The north -south (N-S) light will be green whenever both lanes A and B are occupied but
    C and D are not both occupied.
    d) The N-S light will also be green when either A or B is occupied while C and D are both
    e) The E-W light will also be green when no vehicles are present.

    Using the sensor outputs A, B, C and D as inputs, design a logic circuit to control the traffic
    light. There should be two outputs, N-S and E-W, that go HIGH when the corresponding
    light is green. Simplify the circuit as much as possible and show all steps!

    I need to write an equation for each light set (e-w) and (n-s) but have no idea what they are. I think they may be:


    [tex](ab)[/tex][tex]([/tex][tex]\overline c + \overline d[/tex][tex])[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex](a+b)[/tex][tex]([/tex][tex]\overline c \overline d)[/tex]


    [tex](cd)+(c+d)(\overline a[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex]\overline b)[/tex][tex]+ \overline a[/tex][tex]\overline b[/tex][tex]\overline c[/tex][tex]\overline d[/tex]
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