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Logical question

  1. Aug 11, 2008 #1
    the snake of goerge is the longest water snake in the world.
    the snake of shon in the longest black snake in the world.

    which one of the answers can be concluded from the data?

    1.the snake of goerge is not black,and the snake of shon is not a water snake
    2.if the snake of george is not black then the snake of shon is a water snake
    3.if the snake of shon is a water snake then the snake of george is not black
    4.if the snake of shon is a water snake then the snake of george is black
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    Don't double post!
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    Moved to Brain Teasers.
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    some_one, can you clarify something:

    Are you looking for help in how to solve this problem, or have you already solved it and you're posting this for the benefit of people like me who enjoy solving this type of problem?
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