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Logical Restraints

  1. Aug 8, 2006 #1
    It occurs to me that everything in nature has some sort of restraint.
    Some might call a restraint a logical cause of events, however the questions remains, why are these restraints in place?
    Logic, as it appears in nature, seems to be an emergent property of the phenomena of the way things work.

    You can't throw an apple on a wall very hard without damaging the apple.

    Now, all this is quite obvious, but what is not so obvious is the fact that, every possible logical restraint in the universe, are all emergent restraints, it's not THE restraint.

    In effect, we can say that a logical restraint = deterministic.

    My question is thus, if there was a "first event/object/particle" in the universe, what gave it the restraints?
    And why did it have any restrains to begin with?
    Why would something come into existence, and have a logic at all?
    This doesn't make any sense to me.

    To elaborate just a little bit;
    If every logical restraint in the world is emergent from some underlying restraint, then we can logically deduce every logical restraint, and explain why and how they exist, like for instance why and how an apple is crushed towards a wall.

    But what we can't do is find out why the first restraint existed in the first place, especially if there was only one event or particle/object.

    Maybe someone can teach me a little bit about this.
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    Hi Octelcogopod

    As you know, there are many meanings to the word "why". Here I assume you mean "why?" in the sense of "what is the ultimate purpose?" (as in "why are we here?"). Am I correct in this assumption?

    Why need there be any purpose? In other words, perhaps the question is irrelevant.

    Another way to look at it is : If the world was not regular (ie did not exhibit certain regularities), then sentient beings like ourselves would not have evolved to ask questions about the world. Thus, a regular universe is a necessary precondition in order for sentient beings to evolve. But none of that means that there must be a purpose.

    Best Regards
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