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Homework Help: Logistic Mapping in MATLAB

  1. Apr 28, 2010 #1
    I Have just received this coursework (see the two attachments below) from my Applications of Computing module and was looking to be able to discuss some questions I have as I go about completing the coursework.

    View attachment MATLAB_Logistic_CW.pdf

    View attachment Logistic_Map_Info.pdf

    firstly by simplifying the formula given I have the following

    Xn+1 = [tex]\lambda[/tex] Xn(1-Xn)

    [tex]\lambda[/tex]: growth rate
    Xn+1: population size next year
    Xn: population size this year

    then I will need to create a loop so that the value is put back in to find the population size in the next year too, also another one of the inputs is "n" which defines how many times the loop is run, or for how many years in the future you want to calculate the populations' size. so I basically end up with a graph that curves up or down depending on if the population will survive or not

    this curve then needs to be put on a subplot diagram with a y=x line along with a "cobweb" line, which in all honesty i have never come across...

    all of this needs to be put in one m-file so that i could type for example


    and receive a cobweb diagram...

    if I'm honest I feel that this piece of coursework is far too difficult for what we have been taught in our (very brief) 1 hour-a-week lectures, and my knowledge of MATLAB is also very limited, this annoys my as I could complete this with a pen and paper, its not like I don't understand what it is asking of me!

    please dont take this as a request for someone to post the answers because thats not what I want, I just need someone to shed some light on how I go about it...or even some links to some tried and tested tutorial sites

    thanks in advance guys,
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