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Homework Help: Logs question

  1. Dec 11, 2004 #1
    if log2 = x and log3 = y, solve for log(base5)36 in terms of x and y.

    can someone help me get started with this one? thanks.
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    Try to use the translation of base formula.
    Or let log(base 5)10=z
    Try to think of how to convert log5 in terms of x.
    Notice that some special value you can get, such as log2=x , log3=y, log1=0, log 10=1,etc.
    Then you can express it in term of x.
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    What is the base in the original log, 10?

    Assuming you mean log10(2)= x and log10(3)= y,

    log5(10)= 1/log10(5).

    5= 10/2 so log10(5)= log10(10/2)= log10(10)- log10(2)= 1- x.

    log10(3) doesn't enter into it.
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    i'll post a little bit of what i've done, the teacher said its simple, and in the last questions we've converted the bases for x and y to the one for the final, not the other way around. heres what i've done, not sure if its right.

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    sorry, its supposed to be log(base5)36 to solve for
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    36 = 3*3*2*2

    Now apply the fact that: log(ab) = log(a) + log(b)
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    so in the end i get

    log(base5)36 = 2x + 2y / log(base10)5
    can it be simplified further?
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    log 5=1-x
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    You sure you have read the edits?
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    What's edited?
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    The original question.
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