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LOL my Psychology Professor kissed me last night!

  1. Jul 23, 2005 #1
    So I was at the bar, and all of the sudden this beautiful gorgeous blonde starts snapping her fingers at me and calling my name. Wouldn't you know it, it was my 27 year old psych professor from last semester. I think she was a little bit tipsy cause she kissed me. But you know what they say, you show your true feelings when your drunk . :biggrin:
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    Let's see now, 27 year old, professor, blond and beutiful, kissing you... Are you entirely sure she was the drunk one? :biggrin: :wink: - So, how did the evening go from there?
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    I think this sums it up: "Ah, who the hell are you!"

    Well that's in the morning atleast.
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    When you wake up your sheets may be sticky, but dreams can be just so cool.
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    Quite possible. *grins*

    Ps. I'm sure you've noticed the desperate denial of reality in the responces of the last three posters, Gravenewworld. :wink:
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    Honestly I didn't really take it too seriously, I knew she had a little bit too much to drink. She only talked to me for about 5-10 min before we left. But how awesome is it? Not many people can say they got a kiss from their hot professor.
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    Are you sure it was a psych prof? Sounds like Moonbear to me. :tongue: :biggrin:
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    oh no he didnt!
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    I'm slightly older than 27 (though some people might still mistake me for that age...or I'd like to continue deluding myself into believing that anyway), but I know I was quite sober and stuck in an airport last night, so it must have been that other gorgeous, blonde professor. :biggrin: :rofl:
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    So it's true, you have a twin?
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    isn't that kind of student-teacher relations agianst your school's rules?
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    Once someone is no longer your student, most schools would say it's okay (a few would say they have to no longer be a student at the school, but most aren't that extreme).
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    At what point as an ex-professor would I be allowed to say that there were a few students that made me slightly weak in the knees?

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.....
  16. Jul 23, 2005 #15
    The second to hand in your resignation form?
  17. Jul 23, 2005 #16

    Math Is Hard

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    oh, big whoop. I've made out with tons of my professors. You think I get straight A's because I'm smart? heh. :tongue2:
  18. Jul 23, 2005 #17
    Yes MIH, but this is the other way around :tongue2: This is a male student and female professor. If I become a professor, all of the good looking, and willing, girls will pass with flying colors :wink:
  19. Jul 23, 2005 #18
    Damn it. That's why I'm failing. How much does a sex change and a boob job cost?
  20. Jul 23, 2005 #19


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    Happened to me once... then it turned out to be my Mom tucking me.
  21. Jul 24, 2005 #20
    http://http://pics-66.hi5.com/userpics/566/501/50108566.img.jpg [Broken]

    LOL smurf I am doing what asians would do, since I happen to be asian (well ok only half thai, 25% irish, 25% polish). Everyone says I look italian or spanish though. She would alway talk in class about how all her gfs are getting married etc. and how she was still single. I guess she is looking for a young handsome buck like myself :rofl:
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