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    Just as a posted a complaint about chroot, sure enough he deleted it. This just goes to show that he cant handle arguements. Its chroot's way or the highway here fellows. Dont post anything against him or he will warn you also. I would include the warning i got for complaining about him in this thread, but i know i would get warned again if i posted it. If you have read this thread, consider yourself lucky! chroot is possibly sitting on the forum refreshing the page, just waiting to delete and warn me. :surprised
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    Or perhaps I'll just take the initiative and ban you. Good riddance.

    For the record, my distaste with you has nothing to do with your criticizing me -- as you can see, there are threads criticizing many of our mentors, including me. My problem with you is that all you've done since you signed up is argue our site policies and display poor etiquette, e.g. posting private messages in public. You've also only participated in a couple of threads dealing with well-understood mathematics, in which you threw around a bunch of personal attacks. If you can't learn how to argue with a little tact, we don't want your membership.

    - Warren
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    Thank you.
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