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Long Exponential

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    Hello fellow programmers,
    I need to generate a very long number for e^x. On the order of thousands of digits. How do I do that in Visual Basic .NET?

    Is there some other more precise way to do it rather than McLaurance Series?

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    Extended / arbitrary precision math can get really tricky as some pretty clever algorithms have been developed. Here is one example with source and documentation: http://www.apfloat.org, but it's a C++ program (also Java).

    If you do a web search for programs to calculate pi, you'll find a lot of hits for programs / libraries that do this type of stuff.

    What you didn't mention when calculating e^x, is if x is also an extended precision number (thousands of digits), or is it an integer?
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    x can be very long but it isn't necessary. Can be on the order of a 12 digit number...
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