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Long life energy usage

  1. Mar 2, 2015 #1
    Im doing a project on school. I want to re-use energy. I know that it will not run forever (but i hope it runs very long). So i wanted to ask if the image below is right and i could use it at school. If it shouldn´t work please say what i can make better. Thanks for your Help!

    Here is my image:


    Glühlampe1 = A Lamp

    Photo1 / Photo 2 = Photovoltaik (Solar)

    Speicher = Accu

    Verbraucher = What we want to use (like a lamp for reading books or a speaker for hearing music, ...)

    The Accu is full (100%) when we start using it. The accu is making a lamp glowing. The Lamp is pointing at the two Solar Modules which make Electric Energy. One of the Solar Modules is sending electric energy to "Verbraucher" and the other is loading the Accu again.

    Does this work?

    PS: Sorry for my English. I´m from germany ;)
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    It depends on what you mean by "work".

    If you mean, will this setup provide power to the load (what you are calling the "Verbraucher"), then yes, it will. But it won't do so very efficiently.

    If you mean, will this setup increase the total energy available to the load, compared to a simple setup that just hooked up the source (what you are calling the "Accu") to the load, with no other components, the answer is no, it won't. This is a simple consequence of conservation of energy.

    Also, we can't give advice about what to use for your school project; we can only answer questions about physics. Since this thread is asking primarily about your school project, it is closed. If you want to ask a general question about physics, such as about conservation of energy, please start a new thread.
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