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Long Lost Star Catalog Found in Plain Sight

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    Ivan Seeking

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    nice article, thanks

    Hipparchus is a hero of mine-----they mention a bunch of reasons he deserves respect and admiration in the article

    two other achievements, he invented trigonometry and made tables of something like sine and cosine, very handy for astronomy

    and he measured the distance to the moon rather accurately

    he found that it was 30 times the earth's diameter, which I guess is right to the indicated (twodigit) accuracy, so that was a good measurement for that time (without sophisticated instruments)

    might be interesting for anybody who wants to speculate about how they would measure the distance to the moon, see if they come up with the same method Hipparchus used
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    Here's an interesting article explaining the theory that Hipparchus' discovery of precession was the basis for the Mithraic mystery religion--it actually mentions this very same statue in the course of explaining the Roman view of the cosmos:

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