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Long range effect of Nuclear Power plants.

  1. Apr 12, 2006 #1
    I have recently become interested with the return of Nuclear Engineering with the recent political climate change over our dependence on foreign energy resorces. I know that there is another thread which discusses the prospects of new plants in detail, however I wanted to look at the long range effects of such a change.

    I am from Detroit and I currently live in Pittsburgh, two, once thriving industrial capitals, now designated industrial dinosaurs. I know that Cleveland and many other midwestern and nothern towns have seen the same fate. I thought that it would be interesting to get some perspective on the effects of Nuclaer Power. For instance, there has been an increacing trend over the last half century of migration from north to south or west. The latest job strength rating of the 200 biggest cities shows that this is only increacing as jobs follow these workers


    For instance, 5 out of the top 6 are cities in Florida. Now, with the cost of natural gas spiraling out of control and the possibility of nuclear power plants driving down the cost of electricity(in the future), does this mean the end of the industrial northeast for good? Will the profit margin of operating even be close if the southern based companies can operate at a fraction of the cost of the nothern companies? What kind of effect will this have on American industry and what kind of timelines do you see?
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