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Longest word such that each 3 letter subset (in order)is also a word

  1. Jul 7, 2003 #1
    Find the longest word such that each 3 letter subset (in order)is also a word:
    e.g. CARED => CAR,ARE,RED is a 5 letter example

    Words must be found in Websters. This will run a full day to insure everyone can find a large word.
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    after scanning though some medical things lying near my computer i looked at SODIUM and saw sod yada yada yada

    SOd-diu-ium all found in the websters dictionary...online
  4. Jul 7, 2003 #3
    wait wait wai...titanium

    tit (yes it is in there) tan ium

    i think it was websters dictionary
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  5. Jul 8, 2003 #4

    Ono (yoko? - name)
    oto (medical prefix? ie, otolaryngology)

    Just a shot in the dark!
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    A list of some words that follow that rule...

    Some of the longest :

    OPERATE -> OPE -> to open (poet.); PER -> meter PER second;
    ERA ->...;RAT->...;ATE->...;

    MANAGE -> MAN->...;ANA -> anecdote or literary gossip about a preson;NAG -> to irritate...;AGE -> ...

    I used a dictionary of aprox. 60000 words...not 500000...but I think it's good enough...it has words from many domains (economy,mechanics...)
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  7. Jul 8, 2003 #6
    anomaly wins with 6!
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