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Longitudinal Waves Help Wanted

  1. Aug 24, 2008 #1
    I know that when a Longitudinal (Sound) Wave spreads in water the displacement
    of the water particles is parallel to the direction of wave propagation and the displacement
    equation looks like this :


    where : A=Amplitude, π=3.14..., f=frequency, u=speed of wave propagation

    If i have diffused in the water some other particles, lets say sand, how will the particles
    of the sand oscillate? I think the displacement should be also an equation like y(x,t)=...
    but now it has to be a function of M (mass), maybe V(volume) and D(particle diameter)
    as well.I believe that if a Longitudinal wave reaches a rock of D=5 cm displacement of
    rock will be almost zero, but if it reaches a particle of D=1.e-07 m displacement will not
    If you have any ideas, please reply.
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