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Look around and see a loved one's chair is empty

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    Thinking of how unexpected and imminent death is, this tragic incident made me ponder for a moment; that when a tragedy hits a family, people pray for at least some survivors in the incident. We hope that they are all alive or at least few of them are dead. But pain and sorrow are what one would be left with for the rest of their life if they were in the same tragedy and survived but their sisters and brothers were buried alive.

    We all know how depressing it is to even imagine for a moment the loss of a loved one, never mind living through it day after day. It is so heartbreaking to look around and see a loved one's chair is empty at the dinner table every night, and their bedroom's light isn't on any longer, and you wish you were gone too...
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    Re: life

    Thanks for posting that, Desiree...yes, it's really sad when people die unexpectedly. Such a tragedy.

    That aerial shot of the slide is really striking. Scroll down a bit to a "before" shot of the house - looks like completely level ground, not somewhere one would expect a landslide. But the clay under the house liquefied suddenly. Very strange!
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