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Look For Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Don't Just Listen)

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    Ivan Seeking

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    How would we exactly go about convincing the governments and the public that their tax dollars would be wisely spent on looking for extraterrestrial civilzation? Do we even posess the technology required to look for these extraterrestrials?
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    I think I heard once someplace that after the USA dropped the a-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki there where like a ton of ufo sightings.well this may make sense because the a bomb sent a energy wave through the universe. Maybe it got some attention and the "aliens" came to see how advanced we've become?Interesting thought anyhow but maybe we wont have to look for them
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    universe internet

    If a quantum wave can occur across the whole universe at the same time, then if we can build a quantum wave generator and reciever, we could have the means of instant conact to the entire universe, practically like messaging God. Im sure the aliens would leave a certain wavelength open with no traffic for all the newbie civilisations to get their logon details.

    Why limit ourselves to an unlikely speed of light search?
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    Whoa, Kolya. That's a big asperation.
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    That is so much more trouble and more expensive than using radio telescopes they'd have to be pretty dumb aliens.

    I had this astro prof in college (actually head of department) who had this really wacky theory about seeing ET civilisations. Something about the radio/TV waves of the population varying in a regular way we could detect and differentiate from natural events. He spent a lot of time in the course on this. I thought it was bizarre, and certainly based on a lot of speculation and very little evidence it could work. This is BRILLIANT compared to that!
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    Looking for ET

    Ivan Seeking asks:
    "Should we be looking for extraterrestrial civilizations, rather than just listening for them, as we do in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project?"

    Somewhere in these forums there is a thread that talks about how supernova are needed for the evolution of life. There is an interesting article about this at Near-Earth Supernovae.

    What the article does not say is that supernovae would also be needed for the development of civilization, once life evolved. Civilization would need the heavier elements produced by supernovae.

    So I am wondering if we should not search (listen) within other bubbles (as described in the article) first. Perhaps we could target the closer areas of the sphere produced by examing areas approximately 450 light years from Sco-Cen, first to locate other bubbles, and then to listen within those regions.
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