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Look into a madman's mind.

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    I figured my thoughts deserve a great title. Well what I am about to write is purely thoughts on existence and me trying to make sense of it all. I hate not knowing so I kinda convinced myself that I do know and I need people to let me know I don't know you know? That last sentence reminds me of finding nemo but lets not get off topic because I am not looking for nemo but just answers.

    -----------------------Starts below here--------------------------

    There are two types of existences and they can not co-exist. One type is a perfect existence and that is a singular existence and the other type is unifying existence which is more then one and isn't perfect.

    Unifying existence is our current existence which always has a drive to reach complete unification (perfect existence). Since Unifying existence requires more then one existence it will merge and unify constantly until it reaches it's goal. And even if ultimately everything is from the same source and equal in nature groups are what create these differences. The first differences was between matter and anti-matter, when matter had no anti-matter to annihilate matter then could unify quicker. But it is logical to think after such a conflict between a huge amount of particles that matter would be scattered all over the universe. Although unification between other matter went quicker, it did so at different rates due to the amount of matter in some areas of the universe then other areas. After much time went by matter began to conflict with other matter due to the differences.

    Perfect existence is when all that exist has unified into one existence. Perfect will not have conflicts so reaching it's goal won't take billions of years or even a second. Since perfect existence is a singular existence it will not know something else and the effects of groups and conflicts. That doesn't make it not perfect because you can not have knowledge of non-existence.

    Perfect can not know something else because something else does not exist.
    Non-perfect can not know nothing else because nothing else does not exist.

    Self answered questions.

    Are we predetermined or do we have free-will?
    Both. The end result is already determined but how we reach it is in our will.

    Does god exist?
    Both. Perfect existence can be classified as god but in unifying existence a god can not exist.

    To be, then not to be. That is the answer.
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    The minute you think you understand it, you're wrong.

    The minute you think you understand love, you're wrong.

    The minute you think you understand life, you're wrong.

    The minute you think you understand yourself, you're wrong.

    Etc., etc.
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