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Look of my LaTeX documents

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    I am not quite satisfied with the look of my LaTeX documents. I think it has something to do with the stuff in the start (the packages, etc.). So therefore what do you include in that to make your LaTeX document look nice?
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    matt grime

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    If you dislike the font there are many ways to change these on mass (google for things like pslatex).

    If you wish to alter the headings, etc, then there are many ways to do this: fancyheader, titlesec, secsty. Details of all these are easily obtained from google searches, or looking at information on the Ctan webpage. Further, if there are any journals whose layout you find attractive you can obtain from them their style files by looking at the information for authors on their websites.
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    LaTeX implementation in form

    does anyone know how to implement LaTeX into forums ? i've heard there was a few programs rendering that possible, but they all work under Linux. Is there any other that would run under Windows ?
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    Pm chroot or greg. They should know since its implemented here.
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    Re: LaTeX


    I was given a work. It needs knowledge in the LaTex
    But I don't even know what it does look like
    Would you help me?
    I need tutorial
    How I can download it and how it is installed
    And I need help with the basic operations of course
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    Re: LaTeX

    Thank you very much
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