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Looking for a better credit card

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    I currently have an AmEx blue cash credit card and wondering if there's anything out there thats better. While ~1% cash back at the end of the year is nice, I feel like I'm missing out. I was thinking about getting an Amazon Rewards Visa but not sure exactly how much their "points" are worth.


    Anyone found a good card that they would like to share? My only constraints are no annual fee and full fraud and theft protection.
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    Re: Looking for a better credit card.

    I always get airline cards. I have a Delta AmEx that banked me 30k miles and 1.25 miles per $. I also got a British Airways Visa. I pretty much put everything I can on the BA card. BA also sends me a ton of special offers. Love it!
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    GO TO YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION! Remember these are non-profit organizations and aren't out to gouge you to death. I dumped my stupid credit card with citibank that had 22% interest (yes I have good credit) and got one through a credit union for 7.9% interest, no fees. Credit unions use all of the money that they make and return it to you the consumer in the form of things like lower interest rates. Big banks HATE credit unions and have been trying to destroy them for years because they heavily favor the consumer over profits. Support your local credit union.
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    I could really care less about the interest rate. I always pay my bill off in full every month and have never spent a penny to use a card. What I do care about are the perks. I do fly often but its always picked up by my uni and never by me. Maybe when I graduate (like that will ever happen) I'll get one of those airline cards but right now I'm looking for either cash back, perks, or discounts.
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    I'd just suggest getting a credit card through the same bank or credit union where you have your bank accounts. Or at least start by looking at their offerings. If you use multiple services from the same bank they'll often give you better offers, e.g. no-fee credit cards, than just some random person off the street.

    I would absolutely never consider a credit card offered by a company like an airline or Amazon. As far as I'm concerned the airlines etc. have no business touching my finances. Besides, I don't particularly want to put in the time to figure out what the catch is that compensates for those "perks" they offer.

    No annual fee and full fraud/theft protection sounds like a perfectly reasonable set of constraints though :wink:
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    I don't think the airlines touch the finances. For example, my BA card is through Chase bank. I just get miles for each dollar I spend.
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    The airline is just like best buy or sears or amazon.com. The actual financing is done through the bank (such as HSBC or BofA.... not that I know whether or not the latter even does that stuff). The retailer just is there to have offers like discounts or special deals or miles or whatever.
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    Many banks are going to start charging yearly/monthly fees to customers who pay on time all of the time because of the new legislation that was recently passed that is going to cut into their profits. The banks aren't dumb, they know you are borrowing their money for free and they don't like you (or me since I do the same).

    And you should care about interest rate. You never know if you'll need quick access to credit in case of an emergency like a hospital bill, home repair, to having to fix the trannny on our car.
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