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Looking for a boron nitride sheet for thin film dep / Fusion

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    Hello fellow PFers. Recently we ran our first fusion experiment on campus by utilizing our IBeAM analysis lab with a BN electrical insulator target after installing and calibrating a gamma detector in the vacuum chamber.

    The Professor funding the experiment needed to see we could achieve a nuclear fusion reaction before going any further (he is in a different department). We had success, which means more funds (although they are still limited) and are getting ready to setup for the next round of fusion experiments.

    There were issues with using a commercial BN electrical insulator as a target in that it contains many impurities (most of the periodic table to some degree) and the thick target results in fusion at all energy levels from the beam at multiples of MeV to a fraction of that (we require specific energies for our needs).

    In order to reduce noise in our gamma signatures it was determined a higher purity thin film target on a tantalum substrate would do the trick. There are of course other options available for the substrate however this one was found sitting in a drawer in one of our campus labs and it suites our needs as the atoms are too massive to fuse at our beam energies.

    So, what does this all mean? Well, we need to locate a high purity (99.5% or greater) BN target of 2" diameter by 1/8" thick for sputtering a thin film on to our substrate for the upcoming experiment. These things are expensive so I am hoping one of you may have a suggestion on where to pick one up (already checked Lesker and Alpha Aeser) or better yet have a sample just collecting dust in your lab (or one nearby) that you could help connect us with :)
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