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Looking for a Calculus book

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    I have taken one year in calculus so far in high school( AP calculus AB) and I am signed up to take BC calculus next year. However, I would like to work on some calculus over the summer to be able to breeze through the material during the year so that I can move on to higher math. I bought Spivak's calculus already but I think that I need something less abstract and with more practice problems, while at the same time covering any material I would learn in BC.

    Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance!
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    then just move on with whatever Calculus book you're using
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    http://www.verycd.com/topics97175" [Broken]

    It is written by Г.М.Хихтенгольц.i think it is a very good book to learn Calculus.
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    Get Early Transcendentals by Stewart
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    I suggest Stewart's book as an introductory piece for Calculus. You could also start with Spivak's calculus, and use Stewart as reference.
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    This may be too introductory for your needs, but the book "Essential Calculus" has a chapter of Motivational Problems that you might enjoy working through:

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