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Looking for a career/college

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    looking for a career/college plz help

    okay guys, im going to be a junior in high school and i REALLY need help with this...im taking the ACT again in november, and i should be getting about a 30-32 on it this time (got a 29 a few months ago) and im looking foreward to a career in quantum physics, theoretical physics, and/or nuclear engineering. i really need ideas for colleges/universities and some help getting started. any websites/books or anything that you could suggest to help me learn more i would enjoy SOO MUCH. oh and for college, location and stuff doesnt matter...im open to any suggestions....

    please help...
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    You should not concentrate all of your effort on a test. Learn the subjects. If you did not learn them well enough for the ACT purposes, study the subjects again. In the worst case, if you consider not passing ACT to be worst case, you could just attend a community college, build up some academic concepts, earn good grades (by studying hard and LEARNING), and you will very much improve your chances of getting into a good undergraduate college.
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    you misunderstand me..... i love to learn. that is the only reason i really want to go to college. i could care less about money and jobs and stuff. i just want the knoledge. i was just posting my ACT stuff as sort of guidelines to help anyone who wants to give me college ideas (those are what i really need right now). im trying to learn as much as i can about evverything in class, but they can only teach me so much (and frankly, its not enough). if anyone can help, i would be much obliged.
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